Terms & Conditions

Parents observing classes

I understand that as parents you love to watch your children dancing and I am more than happy to let you to continue to do so as long as the children are not getting distracted. In the interest of health and safety can I please request that any phone calls or conversations that need to be made are done so outside of the studio so that it causes minimum disruption to the class and does not draw the children’s attention elsewhere. I am also aware that some of the students have siblings that like to come in and watch as well and again I am more than happy to let this happen as long as they are quiet and are not running around.


I hope you understand the above points and will join me in keeping the classes productive and enjoyable for the girls. I am extremely impressed with all the progress they have each made individually and want this to continue.



Fees are payable termly in advance on the first day of each new term ie, Saturday10th September 2011.


Half a term's notice is required in the event of terminating classes.


Bills still outstanding after 4 weeks will incur a WEEKLY 10% SURCHARGE.

Name of company:

LX Dance


Registered office:
63 High Street

Botley SO30 2ES

Contact details:
Tel: +44 7584 244387
E-mail: info@lxdance.co.uk